Legal Nurse Consulting

legal nurse consulting

Insurance carriers and attorneys request legal nurse consulting by a Nurse to understand the dynamics of the case. Legal nurse consulting services can assist the referral source in also understanding the impact of the medical condition in relation to future medical care or probable medical complications. FIG utilizes nursing knowledge and insight to help parties resolve cases. Consulting services may include:

  • Obtain, organize, review and analyze medical records
  • Compile medical records into timelines & chronological order
  • Detect record inconsistencies and conflicting information in medical records
  • Form a comprehensive picture of medical treatment and the client’s recovery
  • Assist referral source and/or client in understanding life-altering injuries/illnesses and interpret complex medical terminology
  • Conduct medical research and educate the referral source and/or client about anticipated secondary diagnosis/complications
  • Recommend appropriate medical resources to facilitate the client’s recovery
  • Provide assessment of future medical treatment and associated costs
  • Communicate with medical/health care providers regarding medical condition and treatment plan

Legal nurse consulting can also involve case management services to assist a catastrophically injured/ill person in their medical treatment/recovery and return to optimal functioning within the community. Case management services can assist in identifying medical concerns and health care options, provide early intervention to reduce medical complications, and allow the person/family to make health care decisions. Case management services can include an assessment of the injured/ill person’s medical and non-medical needs; identification of necessary medical resources, coordination/facilitation of appropriate medical and non-medical recommendations, and an evaluation the person’s medical recovery.