About FIG

About FIG

FIG Services, Inc. provides a variety of services with a focus on assessing an individual with a catastrophic injury/illness to project future medical and non-medical needs with associated costs.

FIG’s Vision is to provide insight, clarity, and access of the specialty practice of medical damages to the medical, healthcare, and legal professionals with a professional, compassionate, personalized, and hands-on approach.

FIG’s Mission is to be the cornerstone within the medical damages industry and enlighten the medical and healthcare profession, the patient or client, as well as the insurance and legal community about the process and significance of determining medical damages.  

Incorporated in 2005, FIG Services, Inc. (FIG) is an independently owned corporation that provides an array of services with a focus on assessing an individual with a catastrophic injury/illness to project future medical and non-medical needs with associated costs. Services are provided as a consultant or expert witness. Referrals are received from attorneys, insurance carriers, employers, health care providers, individuals, and families. Services include records review, medical cost projection, life care plan, life care plan review, Medicare Set-Aside, catastrophic case management, settlement video, and Day-in-the-Life video.

In 2008, FIG began offering Medicare Set-Aside courses for certification and continuing education. In 2011, FIG added a new leaf and launched life care planning courses for certification and continuing education. The FIG logo symbolizes the ‘tree of life.’ The tree of life is known for its ancient connotations of knowledge and prosperity. The FIG logo also represents Shelene Giles’ personal statement of her Faith in God.

About Shelene Giles

Founder and President of FIG Services, Shelene has extensive knowledge/experience within the medical and vocational case management fields. She has been employed in these areas for over twenty years. Shelene holds college degrees in Nursing, Rehabilitation Counseling, Psychology, and Business Administration. She is a licensed Registered Nurse and her certifications include Certified Nurse Life Care Planner, Certified Life Care Planner, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Medicare Set-Aside Consultant Certified, and Legal Nurse Consultant Certified.

Over twenty years ago, Shelene Giles began her career in assisting those with disabilities in the community. She entered into a world of medical issues without full knowledge of the medical process. Shelene decided to compliment her profession of rehabilitation counseling with a nursing degree. Her attention moved toward understanding the effects, as well as the life-changing events of an injury/illness in catastrophic cases. Through the years, Shelene began to understand the impact of nurses in the litigation settlement process. She streamlined her experience/knowledge and focuses on determining the future cost of care in catastrophic cases. She provides services as a consultant and expert witness (state and federal court). Shelene is a member of several organizations with a concentration in catastrophic injuries/illnesses and life care planning. In 2008, Shelene served on the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP®) Executive Board as President. Shelene has peer-reviewed publications in her practicing fields. For the past several years, her interest has been on providing Nurse Life Care Plans for catastrophic burn survivors. She is the only Nurse Life Care Planner in the nation with a specialty in catastrophic burn cases. She has completed well over 100 Nurse Life Care Plans for burn survivors.

As a nurse, Shelene was taught to care for the patient/client as a whole. Shelene was impressed with her nursing instructors and their talent to simultaneously teach and care. This concept stuck with Shelene in her professional career. She thought, “what if this trait could be taught?” Not academically, but by example through a method of continuing education. As her career advanced, her talents were recognized and Shelene found herself in the role of teacher, trainer, and mentor. Since 2005, Shelene has been asked to teach and mentor colleagues through professional associations. She offers her teachings as pro bono to allow the associations to retain the revenue. She has gained a reputation for being an effective hands-on teacher and mentor. She continues to provide mentorship to students and fellow colleagues. Course/conference evaluations rate Shelene as one of the highest-ranked presenters/teachers.