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FIG Services, Inc. (FIG) provides an array of services with a focus on assessing an individual with a catastrophic injury/illness, projecting future medical and non-medical needs with associated costs, and coordinating the individual’s care.  We offer services as a consultant and/or expert witness.  FIG’s life care planners are licensed, credentialed, and bring a wealth of experience to the table.  

FIG is an internationally recognized medical damages expert in the fields of life care planning, nurse life care planning, physician life care planning, medical cost projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and case management.  We provide the life care planner and the case manager to implement the plan.  This is important to teach the person and/or family how to manage the funding.

FIG assesses individuals with a life-changing injury or illness to determine their future medical needs with associated costs and ensure the patient/client has the necessary funds to be care for throughout their life.  We blend our medical knowledge with the legal community – this is the specialty practice of medical damages.  FIG specializes in Life Care Planning (LCP), Medical Cost Projection (MCP), Medicare Set-Aside (MSA), and Catastrophic Case Management (CCM).  In these specialty practices, there are five common questions we strive to answer:

1.) What do they have? (medical diagnosis)

2.) What do they need? (future medical care)

3.) Why do they need it? (future medical care)

4.) How often do they need it? (future medical care)

5.) How much will it cost? (future medical care)

FIG provides this specialty practice to attorneys, insurance carriers, financial institutions, and families who are involved with these individuals.    

FIG is also an internationally recognized educational provider and mentor/coach in the fields of Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and Case Management.  FIG’s education takes place is in a virtual and live classroom.  FIG’s mentoring and coaching is individualized and customized within a virtual and live setting.

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    • Learning, Mentorship, & Continuing Education
    • Nurse Life Care Planning
    • Life Care Planning
    • Medical Cost Projections
    • Medicare Set-Asides
    • Case Management

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