Projecting Future Medical And Needs With Associated Costs

FIG Services

FIG Services (FIG) provides a buffet of services with a focus on assessing an individual with a catastrophic injury/illness, projecting future medical and non-medical needs with associated costs, and coordinating the individual’s care.  Services are provided as a consultant and expert witness.  FIG nurses are licensed, credentialed, and bring a wealth of experience to the table.

FIG is also an internationally recognized educational provider and mentor/coach in the fields of life care planning, medical cost projections, Medicare Set-Asides, and case management.  FIG’s education takes place is in a virtual and live classroom.  FIG’s mentoring and coaching is individualized and customized within a virtual and live setting.

SERVICES (Expert Witness & Consulting)


    • Learning, Mentorship, & Continuing Education
    • Nurse Life Care Planning
    • Life Care Planning
    • Medical Cost Projections
    • Medicare Set-Asides
    • Case Management

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